Clear Creek Gives

Thanks to our generous supporters we've reached some amazing milestones:

Including a new student business, Urban Skate Co. and other great educator ideas

$32,740 in scholarships were awarded to six graduates

Expeditions at Carlson and King-Murphy, Snow Science and Technology, and Science Olympiad at CCMS

Entrepreneurship Class

Entrepreneurial instruction is supported by CCSF, The Daniels Fund, and Uncharted Learning (INCubatoredu)

Snow Science & Technology

Snow Science and Technology will teach students skills to prepare them for industry jobs. Thank you to Loveland Ski Area for $15,000 sponsorship and 100% match from the Metzler Family Education Fund.

Your generosity and support are really appreciated!

Hear why educators believe Clear Creek is special:

spoiler alert - it's the families, support from the community, a beautiful mountain environment, and more!

A special thanks to our sponsors: