Clear Creek Schools Foundation identifies opportunities that can make a real difference to students and can generate support from others. 

The Clear Creek Schools Foundation work is in alignment with Clear Creek School District’s strategic plan and priorities:

Best Educators

Clear Creek School District attracts and retains the best educators by nurturing a professional culture of respect, learning, and collaboration. Clear Creek Schools Foundation supports educators with Innovation Grants, to support creative ideas that enhance student learning experiences. 

Empowered Learners

Clear Creek students are empowered to learn in ways that are relevant, engaging, and connected to their community, preparing them for their future with hope and confidence. Clear Creek Schools Foundation supports this by helping ensure access to additional learning opportunities for students beyond the District’s capacity.

Visionary District

The School District is known as an excellent choice for mountain families with a reputation for innovation, strong community connections, and exceptional learning experiences for all students. Clear Creek Schools Foundation helps to foster community through communications, events, and partnerships. The Foundation plays the important role of bringing awareness and fundraising to infuse schools with immediate opportunities while sustaining transformation into the future. 

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