Scholarships & Grants


Your Dream Career is Possible with the DISCOVERY SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship helps you on the path towards your dream career in occupations such as Computer Programming, Nursing,  Automotive Technician, Welding, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrician, and so much more! These professions are in high demand in Colorado.*

The Discovery Scholarship can help you obtain a two-year college degree or a professional certificationdebt-free!

Clear Creek High School current seniors and graduates, the Discovery Scholarship is an exciting opportunity that can make  a significant impact on your future, not only by helping pay for tuition but also by providing financial assistance with unexpected expenses which helps free up time for study and success.

Applying is easy and takes just a bit of your time. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you'd like assistance with the application process.

Career Launch Scholarship

Reduce your college costs with the Career Launch scholarship, which supports students pursuing high-demand Colorado Top Jobs. Up to $10,000 available! For CCHS seniors graduating and pursuing up to a Bachelor of Arts or Science at a public Colorado institution. FAFSA EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) $16,640 or below.

Both the Discovery and Career Launch applications are due April 26.

*Colorado’s High-Demand Jobs include:

Some of these degrees are partially or fully funded by the state of Colorado, however, we encourage you to apply for the Discovery Scholarship to attain additional funding and receive assistance in the state’s financial aid process.

Exploration Fund

The Exploration Fund supports Clear Creek High School students exploring post-secondary pathways by paying a student’s direct cost of internships,  workforce certificates or college credits. 

This fund also supports educators working in career-connected learning through professional development.

We are grateful to Henderson Mine, in partnership with Freeport-McMoRan Foundation for their generosity in launching this fund.

No Limits Scholarship

We can help you reach your goals with the No Limits Scholarship!

Clear Creek High School learners with Individual Education Plans who are pursuing training, certification, or a college degree are welcome to apply for the No Limits Scholarship. Up to $10,000 is available.

Applying is easy!

Please let us know that you are interested in this scholarship by completing this contact information form. 

Educators, nominate a student for the scholarship by clicking here.