Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Jim Leonard

Jim Leonard STEM Fund

Jim Leonard believed that every child deserves a chance at an excellent education. He was passionate about STEM education—he earned both Mechanical Engineering and Business Master's Degrees—and felt it strengthens the individual while benefiting the community. 

In addition to establishing and advising the STEM/Robotics clubs at the secondary school, he served on the District Accountability Committee and advocated for STEM education at all levels of public school.

At the request of Jim’s family, the foundation is managing this fund in Jim's honor to support STEM education, with an emphasis on robotics.  

If you share Jim’s passion for public education and STEM, please donate here.  All donations will be matched 100% by the Metzler Family Education Fund.

STEM Projects

With support from the Clear Creek School District and our generous partners, CCSF supports STEM projects to help students build essential skills.

Science Olympiad

Both the Middle and High School have teams involved in Science Olympiad, a national competition involving various fields of science, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. The teams have incredible support from the community and our Science teachers.

Composting and Irrigation

At Carlson Elementary, Liz Bogers teaches students about  how a composter works (including maintaining a worm bin) and what can be composted. The compost will be used to fertilize school garden plants. Students will also learn about drip system irrigation.


STEM and robotics have evolved from an extracurricular activity to scheduled middle school and high school classes.  Stephanie Mellon, the Digital Teacher Librarian, has created collaborative spaces where students engage with technology and solve challenges.  Her students feel comfortable asking questions, sharing ideas, taking risks, and testing their solutions.

During the 22/23 school year Stephanie’s STEM programs received financial support from:

CCSF and Ms. Mellon Surprise Robotics Class with new VEX Robotics Equipment